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Partners Demo 10G BASE-KR Transmissions Over Copper

Partnering at Electronica, Molex and Applied Micro Circuits will demonstrate a 10.3-Gb/s data transmission signal over one meter of copper backplane traces (see the figure). The signal will emanate from an AMCC QT2225 dual 10GBASE-KR PHY IC and sent across the 1 m copper channel over a Molex GbX I-Trac backplane. The result is a complete end-to-end, server-to-backplane-to-server with streaming video as the high-bandwidth application.

This reportedly marks one of the first partnerships to carry out a simulation relevant to the emerging IEEE 802.3ap 10-Gigabit Ethernet standard. For more information, contact Molex at (800) 786-6539 or Applied Micro Circuits at (800) 935-2622.


Applied Micro Circuits

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