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PEN/Copper Laminate Resists High Heat

Reporting greater resistance to high temperatures than conventional PET/copper laminates, the company's PEN/copper laminates do not start to shrink until temperatures reach 190°C. PET equivalents are said to start shrinking at 150ºC. Additionally, PEN/copper laminates are suitable for long-term use at 155°C, rather than 105ºC to 130ºC for PET/copper laminates. The laminates exhibit 25% higher tensile strengths in ambient temperatures, which increases at temperatures in the range of 100ºC to 150ºC, and they are highly resistant to hydrolysis in alkaline or very hot aqueous conditions. The polymer is 0.012 mm thick and the copper backing measures 0.018 mm thick. The adhesive is polyurethane and overall thickness of the laminate is 0.047 mm. Available sizes start at 100 mm x 100 mm and are available from stock. For additional information and prices, contact GOODFELLOW CORP., Berwyn, PA. (800) 821-2870.


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