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Peristaltic Pump Dispenser Controls Dangerous Materials

The PPD-130 peristaltic pump dispenser controls the delivery of dangerous or toxic substances, maintaining a clean and safe bench environment, while providing accurate and repeatable deposits of low-viscosity fluids. It employs a pumping principle that applies pressure to a soft Teflon tube, which can quickly recover its initial shape from deformation and thereby improve occlusion. Fluid flow is a function of the tube diameter and the pump's rotational speed. Among several advantages of this dispensing principle is the system is air-free and the operator need not come into contact with any hazardous material. The system is self-priming on start up from a bottle or jar, which means mechanical parts do not come into contact with the fluid, and the transfer of liquid from the source container is carried out without agitation. The PPD-130 has a reverse direction feature for emptying the tube and returning the fluid safely to the source after use. It is also programmable to provide between 0s to 3s of vacuum snuff back for deposit control. I&J FISNAR INC. Fair Lawn, NJ. (201) 796-1477.

Company: I&J FISNAR INC.

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TAGS: Components
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