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Pins Enable Spring Loader Connection

Pins Enable Spring Loader Connection

For those looking for a spring-based interface for joining Mill-Max’s spring-loaded connector to a wire or cable, the company offers two designs. First, the 0962 spring pin offers the advantages of both a compression spring connection on one end and a wire termination on the other. Its 0.042” diameter plunger is rated for one million cycles minimum and the component features a crimp-barrel tail that can accommodate stranded or solid copper wires up to 22 gauge. If soldering is necessary, the 0933 provides all the reliability characteristics of the 0962 and handles up to 22 gauge stranded or solid copper wires. Offered as a compliment to the 0962/0933 spring pins, the 3000 Target Pin acts as both a mate to the plunger of the 0962/0933 while also offering a wire termination the crimp barrel on the back end of the pin. It accommodates the same wire sizes as the 0962. Essentially, mating the 0962/0933 with the 3000 turns a pair of discrete wires into a spring-loaded interconnection. MILL-MAX MANUFACTURING CORP., Oyster Bay, NY. (516) 922-6000.

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