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PLC, I/O-IPCs Aid Smart Grids

WAGO’s IEC-compatible TeleControl PLC and four Linux-based I/O-IPCs offer comprehensive enhancements for both control and smart grid integration. They support IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104, and IEC 61850, allowing the use of one DIN-rail mount device for automation and IEC communication. Programmable via CoDeSys 2.3, the TeleController and I/O-IPCs convert signals from process/telecontrol apps via connected I/O into IEC-compliant data. The 32-bit 750-872 TeleControl PLC provides application protocols for data acquisition/control (MODBUS TCP/RTU, ETHERNET I/P) or management/diagnostics (HTTP, BootP, FTP, etc.). The 758-870 is available as a Linux 2.6 master (PROFIBUS DP or CANopen) or slave (PROFIBUS DP), both with a 266-MHz Geode processor. The Linux-backed 758-875 I/O-IPC-G2 is available with a 1-GHz Celeron M as a PROFIBUS DP or CANopen master. All 758 Series I/O-IPC-G2 Masters can double as a main PLC for industrial applications. WAGO CORP., Germantown, WI. (800) 346-7245.

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