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Pluggable Connectors Disconnect Under Load

Pluggable Connectors Disconnect Under Load

Capable of disconnecting while under a load, the 770 Series WINSTA MIDI and 890 Series MINI pluggable connectors serve as a safe means of disconnection for hot swappable components, e.g., small motors, LED drivers, pumps, or actuators. A touch-safe design protects against shocks while disconnecting under load and WINSTA’s preceding ground pin makes first and breaks last, ensuring a reliable system ground is in place when other connections are made or broken. WINSTA MIDI accommodates conductors of AWG 20 to 12 and handles up to 20A of current while the compact MINI for AWG 22 to 16 supports up to 14A. Both feature two- to five-pole plug and socket modules for cord-end or snap-in panel mounting, various pluggable distributors, and distribution boxes. WAGO CORP., Germantown, WI. (800) 346-7245.


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