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Power Clamps/Cables Provide Reliable Connectivity

Power Clamps/Cables Provide Reliable Connectivity

For industrial control systems requiring reliable and cost-effective performance, the Power Clamp Wiremount Socket 355 Series, Power Clamp Header 356 Series, and Power Clamp Branch Connector 357 Series are designed to provide connection reliability and cost performance in I/O applications. The complementary Cables Series 79100 provides users with custom cable assemblies for the Power Clamp offerings and the Link Connector 381 Series. Power Clamp Connectors are designed with color-coded covers to allow for proper wire usage, wire alignment, and retention. They have an integrated wire guide built into the cover, which provides reliable positioning of the individual wires. The Series 79100 cables are available in a flat ribbon for the Link Connectors 381 Series and round jacketed or round jacketed shielded discrete wire constructs for the Power Clamp Series and Link connectors. 3M ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS DIVISION, Austin, TX. (800) 245-3573.


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