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Power Connectors Form A Rugged Link Between Heavy Machinery

A metal-shell, pin-and-socket connector, the HTS line is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. Connectors are comprised of a metal outer shell, and a mated pair of contact inserts and contacts. Designers can select from several shell styles including surface mount, panel mount and inline. The contact inserts determine the number of contacts for a given connector size. Designers can also select from three contact styles: screw connection, spring clamp connection or crimp connection. These connectors reportedly provide a robust system for linking semiconductor manufacturing equipment, injection molding equipment and other industrial machinery. The outer shell is constructed of either die cast aluminum or zinc and can be equipped with several latching mechanisms. Depending on the version, they carry IP44, IP65 or IP68 protection against ingress of fluids or debris. Twelve shell sizes accommodate contact ranges from three to more than 200. Locking system options include a latching mechanism on the hood and/or base, dual side clip latching, a single central latch or a screw-type locking system. One line of shells is designed to minimize electrical interference and another is pressure tight up to 20 bar. Some inserts carry current ratings up to 350A, but most of the inserts are suitable for between 10A and 150A. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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