Electronic Design

Power-Distribution Connector Takes On Advanced Medical Apps

FCI_PwrBlade_0907-AFCI_PwrBlade_0907-AFCI’s PwrBlade Series connector, which handles both power and high-speed data signals, offers solutions to advanced medication inventory management, patient monitoring, and medical record management. For instance, integrating the connectors within the operating system of automated medical dispensers helps eliminate human error when distributing medicine to patients. The rugged connector’s modular design enables easy upgrades to medical equipment. They can handle the high force required for plugging and unplugging into a chassis. Molded guideposts on the header properly engage with receptacles, providing alignment during blind mating to eliminate contact and connector component damage. By satisfying both power and data requirements in one connector, the PwrBlade reduces the number of connectors in any design. Various connector mating options are available.


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