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Push-On Connectors Carry RF Input To Optical Systems

The VP family of push-on connectors performs from dc to 65 GHz as RF input connectors in 40-Gbit/s optical modulators, especially those systems using the NRZ modulation format. Included in this family are the VP101F semi-rigid cable connector, the VP102F Bullet, and the VP103F VP-VF adapter. The VP shroud integrates the glass bead into a receptacle that includes a snap-in feature. Two shroud types are included in the product line: the VP100BMS10, VP100BMS75, VP100BCPW, and VP100BNL are solder-in versions, while the VP100B is a screw-in type. The VP102F Bullet is designed with six slots in the outer conductor and four slots in the center conductor. The VP100BMS10, VP100BMS75, and VP100BCPW solder-in shrouds cost $35 each. The VP100BNL solder-in shroud Microstrip without ground lip costs $25 each. The VP100B screw-in shroud Microstrip with bead compensation costs $22. The VP101F cable costs $35, and the VP102F Bullet costs $27. The VP103F adapter costs $119. All are available now with a delivery time of two to four weeks.

www.us.anritsu.com; (800) ANRITSU

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