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Push/Pull Cooling Setup Highlights Rugged 1U Chassis

The S33-IU chassis meets the mission-critical demands of CompactPCI and VME64x applications that must utilize high-density cards without sacrificing reliability. Its push/pull cooling scheme provides high-capacity cooling of up to 70 W for each of the two slots, with no greater than 20°C temperature rise at 55°C. Airflow is distributed evenly within the chassis via seven fans providing 15 CFM each, more than most 1U units on the market. The S33-1U, which incorporates a 250-W power supply, provides greater stiffness than similar 1U chassis built from conventionally formed parts. The system relies on a "PIC" remote-monitoring system, which lends greater flexibility and software control to remote-monitoring applications. Remote monitoring is also supported through RS-232 ports for temperature and voltage levels. Local monitoring functionality is provided via front-panel readouts. Ethernet capability also is available. Cards are rear-mounted in the chassis, which measures 13.7 by 10.0 by 1.74 in. Pricing for the SS3-1U chassis starts at $2575 each, with delivery in eight weeks.

Tracewell Systems Inc. www.tracewell.com; (800) 848-4525

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