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Rear Release Connectors Offers Secure Matings

Easy insertion, a positive stop when inserting contacts, and accurate, secure matings upon connection are among the key features claimed for GTC-M rear-release connectors. Incorporating the company's Reverse Bayonet and rear-release metal clip contact retention systems, the new connectors are said to be well-suited for applications requiring heavy-duty connections, such as mass transit, commercial and geophysical equipment. The rear-release connectors incorporate hard dielectric inserts, rear insertion/rear release contacts, silicone grommets, and interfacial seals. And the connector's gold-plated crimp contacts can be inserted with considerably less force than that required by conventional connectors with neoprene inserts, the company says. GTC-M connectors are available in 0, 4, 8, 12, 16 and 16S contact sizes, with the receptacles coming in a variety of shell styles, too. Pricing for a plug with 19 pins and a shell size of 18 starts at $36 in quantities of 50. Mating rear panel receptacles cost $42. For more information, call Geoff Grace at AMPHENOL CORP., Industrial Operations, Sidney, NY. (607) 563-5895.

Company: AMPHENOL CORP. - Industrial Operations

Product URL: Click here for more information

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