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RF Input Connectors Operate At Frequencies Up To 65 GHz

Intended for high frequency microwave and optical applications up to 65 GHz, the VP Connector family includes a semi-rigid cable connector (VP101F), a Bullet (VP102F), and VP-VF adapter (VP103F). A typical application is as a RF input connector in 40-Gb/s optical modulators using the NRZ modulation format where greater bandwidth is required to minimize signal degradation. The VP shroud uses a design that integrates the glass bead into a receptacle that includes a snap-in feature. The shroud also incorporates a ground lip to give users a simpler method of achieving a ground connection at the connector. These mechanical features provide a return loss of 12 dB over the entire dc to 65 GHz frequency range. Two shroud types are available to accommodate different design requirements: VP100BMS10/100BMS75/100BNL are solder-in versions, while VP100B is a screw-in type. The Bullet has six slots in the outer conductor and four in the center conductor. Increasing the number of slots in the outer conductor reduces the insertion and extraction forces to less than one-half of that required for conventional SMP connectors, thus reducing wear and tear on the parts. For prices, call ANRITSU CO., Morgan Hill, CA. (408) 778-2000, ext 4550.

Company: ANRITSU CO.

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