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Right-Angle RJ-45 Couplers Fit On Thicker Panels

Helping to prevent cable damage in tight designs, L-com now offers a flange-mount version of its right-angle RJ-45, Cat 5e adapters. The flange-mount design allows secure mounting on unusually thick panels and the right-angle feature allows cables to connect through a panel or chassis while minimizing panel depth. The components fit in a recommended panel thickness of 0.040” to 0.062” and can also be mounted in a panel up to 0.125” thick. The couplers come shielded or unshielded and their mounting frames are solid die-cast metal and 4-40 machine screws are included in the kit for easy assembly. L-COM GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY, North Andover, MA. (800) 341-5266.

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