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Robust Connector Extends Life Cycle

Robust Connector Extends Life Cycle

The company’s 19-way commercial Pogo pin connector and cable assembly meet IP55 specifications and guarantee reliable and robust performance with a lifespan of more than 5,000 mating cycles. The connector features stainless steel shells, snap-on breakaway coupling, and an interfacial seal. Its mating system is both tactile and audible with an ergonomic grip. The cable assembly includes bulkhead, front mount, receptacle, plug with RJ-45, and in-line plug options. Depending on cable and length, typical pricing for a 19-way Pogo pin connector and cable assembly ranges from $100 to $200, open ended assembly. For more details, contact Nas Echeverria at ITT Interconnect Solutions, Santa Ana, CA. (714) 628-8370.
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