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Rod-Shaped Acrylic Optical Guides Suit Many Lighting Applications

A new line of special optical-grade acrylic plastic rod-shaped light guides comes in a wide range of lengths, from 1 to 36 in., and diameters from 0.100 to 1.000 in. Available in machined, extruded, or molded versions to meet a variety of applications, these guides feature a low power consumption of 20 to 25 mA and long half-lives of 20,000 to 100,000 hours. They can be used for illumination, backlighting, or accent lighting and are supplied with an LED light source and wiring harness for plug-and-play solutions. Pricing starts at under $1 per 3-in., 0.100-in. diameter rod.

Lumitex Inc.
www.lumitex.com; (800) 969-5483

TAGS: Components
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