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RoHS Materials Make Green Manufacturing Easier

For the purpose of simplifying the move to more environmentally friendly manufacturing, the company expands its line of RoHS-compliant materials with five silver-based conductor pastes. All five are lead- and cadmium-free and promise cost-effective performance. The CN33-802 silver conductor targets through-hole applications while the CN33-803 plateable silver termination conductor suits dipping processes. Next up, the CN34-803, a 3:1 palladium/silver paste, and CN34-820, a 20:1 palladium/silver past, provide reliable initial and aged adhesion properties. Lastly, the CN37-802 platinum/palladium/silver offers high solder leach and silver migration resistance. Additionally, all five conductors are solderable. FERRO CORP., Cleveland, OH. (216) 641-8580.

Company: FERRO CORP.

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