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Round, Flat FireWire Cables Maintain Electrical Specs

Designed to meet the demands associated with motion-control and vision systems, GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies from W.L. Gore & Associates can be flexed and bent without causing bit errors or loss of data. They also maintain stable attenuation over their flex life. Most FireWire cables were designed for static environments and fail to meet the IEEE-1394 electrical specifications when used in a motion environment, according to the company.

The round version of the High Flex cable has been tested to achieve 5 million cycles in rolling and flex motions on a bend radius of 50 mm. The flat version of the cable achieved 20 million cycles in rolling flex motions on a bend radius of 20 mm. Both cables experienced minimal change in insertion loss and impedance during these tests. The maximum use length for the GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies depends on the attenuation value during flexing. Several lengths are available from stock: 2 m, 3 m, 4.5 m, and 7.7 m. The company can also customize a FireWire cable assembly to meet a user's specific application requirements. For more information, go to www.gore.com.

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