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Rugged Connector Features Fast Field Termination

Rugged Connector Features Fast Field Termination

The CeeLok FAS-X connector from TE Connectivity combines rugged reliability with signal integrity to support current and future high-speed protocols. The connector features fast field termination and repair and requires only standard contact insertion/removal and crimping tools. It meets military and aerospace markets’ 10 GB/s requirements, as well as other high-speed protocols including IEEE 1394b I/O, fiber channel networks, and Modular D38999 for harsh environment applications. It is also designed for optimal signal integrity with a patented shielding arrangement that helps eliminate crosstalk and isolates each pair through the connector to provide improved impedance matching. The CeeLok FAS-X is designed to maintain high matched 100Ω impedance and has an operating range of -60°C to +200°C.


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