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Rugged Push-Pull Interconnect Delivers High-Density Option

FischerMiniMax-AMeasuring about the width of a push-pin, Fischer Connectors’ latest push-pull interconnect is designed for the harshest environments. The all-in-one, 20-signal (0.5 A), 4-power (5 A) MiniMax, replete with 24 mixed contacts, features 500-mating-cycle durability. It has passed extreme temperature tests and successfully endured 1000 hours of saltwater spray. The device measures less than 7 mm inside the box, and is sealed to 120 meters, both mated and unmated. An unbreakable keying system withstands over 4 N-m of torque, and over-molded assemblies can withstand 100 lbs of pull (breakaway) force. The 100% pre-cabled MiniMax comes in push-pull, breakaway, and screw-lock latching systems.


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