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Shrouded Male Connectors Enhance Security

Shrouded Male Connectors Enhance Security

MillMax-ShroudedConnectorsPR-AApplications that require a robust, secure connection (e.g., frequently mated interconnects, blind mate conditions) may want to consider Mill-Max’s shrouded male pin connectors. Ranging from 4 to 64 pins, the double-row connectors come in through-hole (solder tail and solder-less, compliant press-fit) and surface-mount (gull wing) termination styles. There’s 0.100-in. spacing from pin-to-pin and row-to-row. Each connector’s shroud extends above the pins, providing full protection during handling, assembly, connecting, and disconnecting. It also limits the amount of misalignment between connectors during mating and de-mating. The connector body is molded from Ryton—a high-temperature, durable thermoplastic. The gold-plated engaging leads measure 0.030 in. in diameter and 0.142 in. long. Compliant with RoHS, they’re suitable for lead-free reflow processes.


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