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Silicone Adhesive/Sealant Has Very Low Viscosity

Unlike commercially available one-component silicone adhesives/sealants that are generally thick pastes and difficult to apply, the Master Sil 713 is a very low-viscosity silicone adhesive/sealant that requires no mixing and is said to be very easy to apply. This one-part system cures readily when exposed to atmospheric moisture and is a non-corrosive type silicone. It has a viscosity of as little as 3,000 cps measured at 75°F and exhibits a tensile strength of 125 psi and more than 200% elongation. Hardness is measured to be Shore A 30 and electrical resistivity is up to 10 15 ohm/cm. The adhesive withstands temperatures from -65°F to +400°F and is both translucent and odorless. It is available in tubes, cartridges, pints, quarts, gallons and five-gallon containers.


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