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Silver Conductor Improves Line Loss 30% In LTCC Packages

TC2301PI, a photo-imageable, pure silver conductor features high conductivity, resulting in low line losses for microwave, wireless and automotive applications. The TC2301PI conductor allows the formation of fine lines and features of at least 50 microns, with excellent edge resolution and acuity. As a photo-imageable material, it may be incorporated in a robust manufacturing process that offers high yield with simple processing. It is intended for systems functioning at frequencies from dc to higher than 40 GHz. The photo-imageable TC2301PI has been developed for use in conjunction with CT2000 LTCC tape. Current uses for CT2000 technology include handheld telephones, automotive components and other electronic applications such as Bluetooth modules. The advanced conductors and dielectrics provide thin film or better performance in circuits manufactured using lower-cost thick film photomechanical processes on 96% alumina or LTCC. HERAEUS, West Conshohocken, PA. (610) 825-6050.


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