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Silver Conductor Paste Produces Dense Interconnects

In Type KQ610 silver conductor paste, designers have a means of producing ultra high-density interconnections through a combination of screen printing and photoengraving techniques. The material is said to create extremely dense fired films with very smooth finishes that support the production of conductor geometries of 50 µm (2 mils) or better. The paste is said to be highly conductive, to offer precise edge acuity, and to feature excellent bondability and adhesion.The firm’s KQ technology is said to offer unsurpassed microwave performance to at least 80 GHz. It has an extremely low dielectric loss of 0.01% and a low dielectric constant of 3.9. It’s well suited for microwave circuits, high-density interconnections, and other high-performance circuitry. Applications for the material include thick-film circuits, high-reliability multilayer circuits, microwave striplines, and more.

Company: HERAEUS INC. - Cermalloy Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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