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Silver-Filled Polymer Claims Highest Glass Transition Temperature

When cured for one hour at 250°C, EPO-TEK E3084 silver-filled polymer is said to offer, at 300°C, the industry’s highest glass transition temperature (Tg). In addition, the smooth thixotropic paste is claimed to offer the lowest storage modulus: 201,000 psi at room temperature. The single-component, solvent-free polymer addresses high-temperature, low-stress applications, including those found in the flip-chip, automotive, military and aerospace industries.The combination of high Tg and low modulus stress characteristics enable the material to compensate for CTE mismatch in heatsinking of large die and substrates. Other advantages include the polymer’s very high electrical conductivity, its unusually long shelf life at room temperature (about six months), and its ability to be screen-printed. Volume resistivity is rated at

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