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SMT Assemblers Address Numerous Production Requirements

Within the Meridian Series of SMT assemblers is seven fully compatible models that address a wide variety of production requirements. The units' specifications are expressed using standard definitions and validation methods of the proposed IPC 9850 standard, which is intended to facilitate meaningful comparisons of machine speed and accuracy.The seven models- 1010, 1010P, 1020, 1020P, 1030, 1030P and 1050M- accurately place both chip and IC components. The units use a Windows NT operating environment and feature three-stage, soft-stop conveyors. The series incorporates the full range of the firm's electronic tape feeders and bases.The 1010 and 1010P models are for high-volume environments; the 1020 and 1020P for medium-volume and high-precision uses; and the 1030 and 1030P for low-volume/high job-mix uses. The 1050M is primarily for IC placement.


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