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Socket 153-Pin-BGA-Packaged e-MMCs Without Affecting Performance

Socket 153-Pin-BGA-Packaged e-MMCs Without Affecting Performance

Ironwood Electronics’ Giga-snaP BGA socket adapter pair allows 0.5-mm-pitch, 11.5- by 13-mm, 14x14 array e-MMC modules housed in 153-ball BGAs to be socketed and subsequently operated without compromising performance in memory applications. The socket adapter pair consists of the SFS-BGA153B-52 female BGA sockets with BeCu pins assembled into a substrate that matches the male pin LSS-BGA153B-51 adapter. The RoHS-compliant SFS-BGA153B-52 is soldered to a printed-circuit board (PCB) without warping. Both the BGA socket and adapter are built with high-temperature polyimide and an FR-4 body, which helps assure matching up with target PCBs and preventing failures due to CTE mismatch. The electrical path of Giga-snaP BGA socket adapters—a key performance issue—measure 3 mm from the top connection point on the male adapter to the solder ball on the female socket. The short path provides better transmission of high-frequency signals up to 20 GHz with ‒1-dB insertion loss. Operating temperature ranges from ‒55 to +160°C; current rating is 3 A per pin.


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