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Socket Adapter Supports 352-Pin BGAs

Socket Adapter Supports 352-Pin BGAs

The company’s latest board-to-board socket adapter for 352-pin BGA, 1-mm pitch, 27 mm x 27 mm devices consists of two modules: a female socket module and a male pin module. The female socket is built with machined pins epoxy over molded into an assembly that matches the male pin module with similar construction. SF-BGA352B-B-42 female socket module is solderable to a mother board using standard soldering methods without warping. Similarly, the SF-BGA352B-B-41 male pin module can be soldered to an upgraded daughter board. The modules come with both lead and lead-free solder ball type options. Single-unit prices for the SF-BGA352B-B-42 and SF-BGA352B-B-41 are $110 and $89, respectively. IRONWOOD ELECTRONICS, Burnsville, MN. (800) 404-0204.


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