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Socket System Integrates A Miniature Thermal Electrical Cooler

The Model 1560 Thermal Control Socket System enables the characterization of IC devices in substantially less time than traditional forced-air thermal control systems. It integrates a miniature thermal electrical cooler (TEC) in the test socket lid. This feature enables device package temperature control within a 15°C to 125°C range, with 0.1° resolution and up to 60 W of cooling. This adjustable temperature range enables engineers to adjust and monitor device package temperature more accurately and efficiently.

The system includes 60 W of cooling power and a regulation of ±0.1°C with constant heat load. Maximum temperature ramp rates are 5°C/s for cooling and 6°C/s for heating. The system provides uniform temperature control over the device under test. Its compact size and ultra-quiet operation enhances the versatility of the system. Suited for use in an office environment, the system easily mounts to the test socket top using existing socket mounting holes. A customer-replaceable thermal adapter is available for maximum flexibility. The Model 1560 is available for all package types, including QFP, BGA, Micro-BGA, and FlipChip. A fuzzy logic controller and RS-232 interface enable the system to be controlled remotely from any PC or laptop.

For pricing and availability information, contact the company.

Dimensions Consulting Inc.
(408) 988-6800; www.dci-us.com

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