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Special Effects Program Promises Colorful Engineering Resins

Employing five distinct technologies for see-and-feel effects and color and special effects options, the Fantasia special effects program addresses a wide range of design and processing parameters. The five technologies include Aura, Leda, Imagio, Faria, and Milena. Aura, a proprietary infusion process, uses a mix-and-match process to allow users to apply color to finished products. Leda consists of color effects options for resins via a family of seven colors. Using PPG, Imagio provides high-quality resin coatings. A film-insertion molding technology, Faria allows for the customization of products via a range of graphics options. Milena offers color options for optical media. All five are intended for use with the company’s engineering resins. For further details, call BAYER CORP., Pittsburgh, PA. (877) 229-3758.

Company: BAYER CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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