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Stackable Headers Add High-Speed Automotive Interface

Stackable Headers Add High-Speed Automotive Interface

By combining the high-speed USCAR-30 HSAutolink interface with the stackable Stac64 connector system, Molex’s HS Stac headers (at a 0.80-mm pitch) add flexibility and save space in PCB trace routing for in-vehicle infotainment and telematic devices. The right-angle headers package the interface in a rugged, shroud-stackable formation compatible with the company’s Stac64 header family. Such a design creates a multi-bay, high-speed connection system that meets in-vehicle terminal requirements for devices and modules in automotive and commercial transportation applications. USCAR-30, an automotive industry-standard interface, supports USB 2.0 requirements and other high-speed technologies such as low-voltage differential signaling and Ethernet for infotainment, car stereo and navigation systems, and driver-assist electronic modules, as well as telematics.


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