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Stainless Steel Linear Rails Seek Industrial Tasks

An all stainless steel rail and bearing system, the DEFENDER is described as strong, anti-magnetic, corrosion resistant, low cost and easy to install. Designed to be washed down with disinfectants or high-strength industrial cleaners, this linear rail is well-suited for medical, pharmaceutical and food processing applications, as well as draw and rack glides and sliding doors. The bearing rails are rolled 304 stainless with an internal bearing race. A three-bearing slider unit that rides along the rail is 80 mm long. Each of the three 440C stainless steel ball bearing rollers is lubricated for life, features 2RS seals, and can be washed down as mentioned. The slider’s center bearing is mounted on an eccentric shaft for adjusting the preload. The cross section of the compact bearing and slider is only 26 mm x .22 mm. The rails are available in lengths of 1,040 mm, 1,520 mm, 2,080 mm, and 3,120 mm or in cut-to-order sizes. LM76, E. Longmeadow, MA. (413) 525-4166.

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