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System Blends Compounds With Abrasive Fillers

Performing both mixing and metering functions, the 2500-DA system is suitable for mixing two-part compounds containing abrasive fillers. The system is a positive-displacement machine capable of reducing wear due to a double-acting in-line design and abrasion-resistant metering cylinders and seals. The in-line design reduces stress caused by high-viscosity fluids and delivers on-demand dispensing without interruption for reloading the metering cylinders. Instead of check valves, the system employs four-way flow directional valves to maintain accurate ratios. It also promises to double the life span of seals by reducing the number of recharge cycles. For further information, call I&J FISNAR INC. Fair Lawn, NJ. (201) 796-1477.

Company: I&J FISNAR INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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