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System Gets Parts Clean Without Use Of Solvents

The hassles and expense associated with the use and disposal of solvents is said to be eliminated with the SmartWasher Parts Cleaning System, a self-contained, self-cleaning system that uses advanced bioremediation technology to get parts clean. The user simply tops off the SmartWasher solution at the prescribed intervals. And since most hazardous soils and compounds are remediated by microbes, there are no hazardous wastes to dispose of. Only the filter requires disposal and can usually be thrown away as ordinary solid waste.
The system is available in two sizes: the SmartWasher 28 with a 28" x 17" sink and the larger SmartWasher 41 with a 41" x 17" sink. SmartWasher cleaning solution is available in three grades: industrial; heavy-duty; and automotive and ink grade. All come in 5-gallon pails. SmartWasher filters are available in premium or regular grades.

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