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System Simplifies Field Device Wiring

Said to represent the first plug-and-play wiring system for output devices and NEMA 4X-rated panels, the PanelConnect is designed to reduce field device installation time and maximize panel space. The new wiring system gives assemblers the ability to connect I/O devices to programmable controllers without the need of DIN rails or terminal blocks. It provides a plug-and-play solution for connecting output devices, like pneumatic valves, through panel enclosures while maintaining the enclosure's environmental integrity. Suitable for standalone and non-DeviceNet applications in the packaging, automotive and food and beverage industries, the enclosure-mounted modules support the company's PLC I/O architectures, such as the 1756 ControlLogix I/O and 1771 Universal I/O. In addition, the modules work with the company's connection systems, as well as various field connection systems. ROCKWELL AUTOMATION, Bloomington, MN. (800) 223-5354 x1571.


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