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TDR Detects Defects In BGA Packages

TDA Systems Inc. of Portland, Ore., is developing a time domain reflectometry (TDR) software prototype for detecting defects in ball-grid-array (BGA) IC packages. TDR measurement is recognized as an effective, nondestructive method for fault location in electronic packages. BGA packages are characterized by complex, interwoven geometries that make traditional fault-isolation techniques, such as acoustic imaging and X-ray, less effective.

The new fault-isolation TDR software prototype will be based on TDA's IConnect TDR software, which is used in signal-integrity modeling work. The prototype comprises impedance-signature, computation, and user-interface functions already extant in IConnect. The new development effort seeks to improve measurement throughput, accuracy, and user-friendliness. It also aims to speed the sorting of good from failed components.

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