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Terminal Blocks Accept Larger Wire Sizes

The WKF Series of terminal blocks now includes three new blocks that can accommodate larger wire sizes and higher current ratings. The WKF Series 6, 10 and 16 terminal blocks, which use spring-clamp technology, are available in feed-through and ground-block versions. The pre-programmed clamping force provides consistent contact on the conductor along with a gas-tight connection. Formerly, the blocks accepted wire sizes from 24 to 10 AWG and ranged in ratings up to 600V and 30A. The extended line contains: WKF6 for wire sizes 22-8 AWG, rated at 600V and 41A; WKF10 for wire sizes 16-6 AWG, rated at 600V and 57A; and WKF16 for wire sizes 14-4 AWG, rated at 600V and 76A. The ground-block versions have a clamping foot to ensure a reliable connection to the rail.


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