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Terminal Blocks And Interconnects Carry 100 kA SCCR

Terminal Blocks And Interconnects Carry 100 kA SCCR

Certain WAGO through-panel and chassis-mount terminal blocks and interconnects have earned a 100 kA SCCR rating with appropriate fuses. The products with 100kA SCCR include 862 and 264 Series chassis-mount blocks, 826 and 828 Series through-panel blocks, 831 Series multi-connector system pluggable connector, and X-COMS pluggable connector system. Other WAGO terminal blocks carrying 100kA SCCR include the 280 to 285 Series POWER CAGE CLAMP models, TOPJOBS terminal blocks, X-COM, and 870 Series CAGE CLAMP Compact. WAGO CORP., Germantown, WI. (800) 346-7245.

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