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Terminal Blocks Suit All Industrial Apps

The new V7-W terminal line includes a broad assortment of terminal types for most circuits and functions from control to low level power. Their compact design allows for very dense installations - up to 61 terminals on as little as 12" of DIN-rail. The terminal is offered in seven sizes and up to nine colors and most are rated to 600 Vac. These traditional screw terminals feature a cone-shaped guide and as tightening torque is applied to stainless steel screws, the wire is secured between a recesses contact pad and serrated current bar. All metal parts of the terminal are recessed, providing a touch-safe, dead front design and their bodies are constructed from Polyamide 6.6. Insulating cases are rated up to 195(F for continuous operation and remain elastic to -40(F without fracturing. All terminals are UL-recognized CSA-certified and carry the CE mark. SPRECHER + SCHUH, Houston, TX. (281) 442-9000.


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