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Test Socket’s CAM Lid Guards Package Pads

Damage to package pads is preventable thanks to a line of high-frequency test sockets. These sockets feature a computing-aided manufacturing (CAM) lid that provides precise z-directional force with no x or y movement. As a result, the lid prevents stress against the side of the contacts and damage to the solder balls. Because there's no preload on the package when the lid is in the open position, it's easier to apply the load. A positive spring clip lock in the closed position ensures that there is no loss of z force during test, which increases accuracy. The lid's aluminum base supports CAM and pressure assembly to help maintain full compression on the package during test. All insulating material is made from Torlon 5530, a 30% glass-filled polyamide-imide (PAI) that offers improved dimensional control and load capacity. The new lid can be used on both double-latched and hinged versions of any of the company's high-frequency test sockets, including Microstrip Contact, Spring Probe, and Kapton Interposer sockets. A high-frequency test socket with up to 200 leads coupled with the new CAM lid starts at $3700 each. Lead time is up to six weeks.

Aries Electronics Inc. www.arieselec.com; (908) 996-6841

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