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Thermal Interface Cools Beyond 125°C

Thermalcure, a thermal interface product from Eden Outsource, is a gap filler for temperatures too hot for traditional silicone-based interface materials that melt at 125°C. It maintains its strip shape and cooling properties thanks to a high-temperature static-dissipative encasement.

Made from a 2.5-mil thick polymer-based film, it holds a thermal phase-change material and a predetermined amount of air based on required thickness, density, mass, volume, and compression. As the phase-change material heats up, it moves within the encasement without changing Thermalcure's shape.

It comes in strips sized according to application, and it maintains permanent contact with heat-generating components. Pricing is competitive with existing thermal-management products.

Eden Outsource, Jon Rodberg, (949) 833-3733; [email protected]; www.edenoutsource.com/thermo_cure.htm.

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