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Thermoelectric-Cooled RF Sockets Offer Enhanced Control

The Interposer, Spring Probe, and Microstrip Contact lines of RF test sockets now feature thermoelectric cooling. Test sockets with the new conduction-cooling system fit BGA, LGA, and CSP package designs. They're typically used in high-powered devices that require exceptional thermal management, such as in military applications. Because the test socket comes in direct contact with the cooling system, there's no need to use other costly methods of thermal control, such as a flow stream system. The sockets include a built-in thermistor to record temperature and a copper heatsink with an integrated fan assembly. They measure 63.5 by 63.5 by 88.9 mm, and can be used in packages up to 27 by 27 mm. These sockets operate from -15°C to 90°C with a maximum differential temperature of 70°C. For a 484-lead BGA Spring Probe socket, pricing starts at $5300 per unit.

Aries Electronics Inc.
www.arieselec.com; (908) 996-6841

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