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Thick-Film-On-Steel Technology Has Future In Auto Mart

A new thick-film-on-steel technology promises to yield a new class of resistors for a wide range of applications. Resistors made using the technology can operate at temperatures up to 400°C and target such applications as household appliances, water heaters and automotive.
The devices are produced by binding a thick ceramic dielectric glaze to stainless steel to form a three-layer product that can be formed, welded and molded; and holes can be added for mounting.
The new resistive products have a power density of 100W/cm2 and a dielectric rating of 2,400 Vac and 3,500 Vdc. The ceramic glaze is layered with a resistive element and temperature sensor, making it usable as a power resistor rated from 2W to 100W.

Company: INTERNATIONAL RESISTIVE COMPANY INC. (IRC) - Wire and Film Technology Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

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