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Three-And Five-Slot Chassis Tout Rack-Mount Flanges

The MicroBox three- and five-slot chassis now feature rack-mount flanges, allowing them to be conveniently placed in standard 19-in. racks. The short-length chassis can be mounted on any stable horizontal or vertical surface. Three-slot chassis in this family come with either three ISA or two PCI slots, in addition to one PISA slot. These units weigh less than 8 lb and stand less than 2 RU high. Their 3.5-in. drive bay can be used for a floppy or hard drive. Five-slot models are available with either five ISA slots or with a combination of three PCI, one PISA, and one ISA slot. The five-slot units weigh less than 11 lb and stand less than 3 RU high. They come with an external 3.5-in. floppy-drive bay and an internal 3.5-in. hard-drive bay. Both chassis sizes come with dual cooling fans that have removable filters. Pricing ranges from $225 to $275, depending on configuration.

CyberResearch Inc.
www.cyberresearch.com; (800) 341-2525

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