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Three Gigabit Platforms Join Line

Three new Gigabit PulseJack platforms with integrated magnetics extend the data-handling capability of the company’s connector modules from 10/100 Base-TX to 1000 Base-TX. The new Gigabit PulseJack family consists of the single port JK series for network interface cards, the multiport JG series of single-height receptacles up to 1 x 8 ports, and the JC series of dual-stacked receptacles up to 2 x 8 ports for server and router applications. According to the company, increasing the data rate from 100 Mb/s to Gigabit rates doubles the quantity of magnetic components required. Combining the magnetics, transformers and chokes-within the connector module reduces the amount of space and number of external components required. PulseJack connectors meet or exceed IEEE 802.3 and ANSI X3.263 standards. Common options include locking tab up or down, a shielded RJ-45 connector module and light emitting diodes. Shields are available with or without electromagnetic interference tabs. Testing ensures they deliver a minimum of 1,500 VRMS of hipot isolation. Pricing is $3.21 per port for the single-port JK series, $3.07 per port for the multiport 1XN JG series and $2.85 per port for the multiport 2XN JC, each/10,000. PULSE ENGINEERING INC., San Diego, CA. (858) 674-8100.


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