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Transient Protection Terminal Blocks Work On Signal Level

Measuring just 6.2-mm wide, TERMITRAB transient protection terminal blocks for signal level protection allow high-density protection in crowded control cabinets. Surge- clamping performance is said to be enhanced by providing the shortest possible path to earth ground. The terminal block accomplishes this with a metal grounding foot that is securely mounted on a DIN rail.
Both two- and three-stage blocks have been designed and are used in systems with a nominal voltage of 24V. Three-stage protection includes a suppression diode, MOV and gas tube with staging resistors. The two-stage modules exclude the MOV for situations where MOV maintenance is an issue. The device offers 5 kA of protection both from line-to-line and line-to-ground. An Ex version is available for hazardous area locations. Call for pricing.

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