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Twisters Handle Wide Range Of Wire Sizes

The WT series wire twisters can make twisted pairs from wires that have been pre-cut, cut and stripped, or cut, stripped and terminated. There are three models in the series that can provide twists lengths up to 6.1m, twisted quantities up to 9,999 twists per cycle, and twist speeds variable from 0 to 26 turns her second. The units are electric-foot-switch operated and incorporate a variable speed control and turns counter. The WT20 is designed for twisting wires not exceeding a 6.35-mm bundle or to 16 AWG wires. The WT30 is designed for very fine wires with a maximum bundle not exceeding 3 mm or stranded wires 1.3 mm in diameter. The WT40 is designed to make twisted pairs or twist together several large wires or pre-connected wires.


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