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Two-Way Power Dividers Cruise From 6 to 40 GHz

KRYTAR unveils eight two-way power dividers covering a broadband frequency range of 6 to 40 GHz in single, compact, packages. These include Models 6060400 and 6060400K from 6 to 40 GHz, Models 6100400 and 6100400K from 10 to 40 GHz, Models 6180400 and 6180400K from 18 to 40 GHz, and Models 6265400 and 6265400K from 26.5 to 40 GHz. All feature greater than 14.5-dB Isolation and ±0.38-dB amplitude tracking. Other shared features include an insertion loss of less than 1.9 dB across the frequency range, a maximum input VSWR of 1.9, and a phase tracking of ±6.5 degrees. KRYTAR Inc., Sunnyvale, CA. (877) 734-5999.

TAGS: Components
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