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Unique Contact System Scores AS39029 Approval

Unique Contact System Scores AS39029 Approval

Having paid its dues in the market, the PosiBand contact system is now qualified to SAE AS39029, a specification that covers a wide range of high reliability crimp-connector contacts for use in military and aerospace apps. PosiBand is a unique closed entry female contact system that allegedly overcomes weaknesses associated with the legacy split tine and sleeve approach. Separating the mechanical and electrical function of the contact system, the base contact provides a true closed-entry feature and enhanced electrical stability while the spring clip provides more stable mechanical function.Contact resistance is 3 m? for size 20 contacts and 4 m? for size 22 contacts. The current rating for size 20 contacts is 14A with six contacts energized while size 22 contact current rating is 10A with six contacts energized. Price for an M39029/63-368 contact is $0.272 each in volume. POSITRONIC INDUSTRIES, Springfield, MI. (800) 641-4054.


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