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Verification Library Ensures Compliance Of OCP Interconnects

Virtual platforms used for system-level design are only as good as the models they comprise. Thus, design teams devote considerable time to developing code for verifying these models. But thanks to a system-level verification library for OCP-based (Open Core Protocol) system designs in SystemC, much of the drudgery of this task can be avoided.

JEDA Technologies’ OCPchecker verification library comprehensively verifies OCP protocol correctness. The library enforces OCP compliance checking, pinpoints protocol violations, and collects functional coverage information under system-level simulation. Also, the library includes protocol property checks for OCP 2.2, OCP 2.1, and OCP 2.0. It’s extensible for users who wish to add new protocol checks as well. Additionally, an assertion debugging environment provides users with an assertion coverage report and analysis.

The new JEDA OCPchecker is available immediately. Contact JEDA Technologies directly for pricing.

JEDA Technologies

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